Monday, October 3, 2011

Just Google It

My husband taught me how to google. When we were dating, I'd ask him random questions and he'd come back with the correct answers. Either he was a genius or he had a trick. Now, Mike's really smart, but in this case, the trick was Google. I learned that if I wanted to be (or to appear) as smart as he was, I should start googling.

Since then Google and I have been involved in a serious love affair. Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google Docs, Blogger. I use and love them all.

There's a problem though. See, I'm getting my masters degree in Library and Information Science, and somewhere deep within the Librarian's Code of Honor, there must be something about hating Google. It teaches people bad search practices. It makes people think that's all there is to the Internet (which is always capitalized by the way). Even worse, it makes people think libraries are unnecessary. :-( Poor, poor libraries.

That said, I'm not giving up Google. I have drunk too much of the koolaid. (FYI I just googled "participles drink have" to figure out that grammar.) But I feel bound by my maybe future profession to provide some helpful links.
  • First A-Google-A-Day. Each day, Google presents a research question and you have to figure out the best way to get the answer. It's a really interesting lesson in how much you put your own knowledge into analyzing Google results. And logic puzzle!!! Awesome.
  • Second, Google for Educator Lesson Plans. Ever feel like you could use google better if someone just taught you how? Google felt that way too so they came up with some lesson plans. They're specifically designed for the classroom, but hey everyone likes to learn right? (I just realized how small my world is when my first inclination to answer that is a sincere yes.)
Now on to the fun stuff. I've had my current Google account for 3 1/2 years. And when I'm logged in Google tracks my search stats. Awesome, I know. So over those 1000+ days, what have I googled most often?

TV listings tonight. An obvious sign of my lack of cable and its lovely guide feature.

Sigh. So highbrow. I also commonly pulled out my laptop to look up actors on IMDB. It's actually really hard for me to make it through a show without using my laptop. But it's so interesting!

Also randomly on my top ten are two addresses that I have no clue about. So there might be a flaw in the rankings. :-)

However, in the wee hours of the morning, I'm most likely to google WebMD. Ah the joys of self diagnosis.

And finally most impressive of all. I've googled 6,532 times (when I was logged into my account) since March 1, 2008.

It's been good times, Google. One day, I really should delete all that history. :-)

My google adventures are crossposted at the writing adventure Via Scribendi.

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