Friday, September 30, 2011

A Most Unsuitable Match

It's 1869 in St. Charles, Missouri. Fannie Rousseau is emerging from her grief over her mother's illness and death to dire circumstances. She sees signs that her family finances are not in good shape, and her house is in such a state of disrepair that a burglar tries rob it thinking it has been abandoned. While going through her mother's dresser, she discovers letters from her aunt, her mother's twin sister whose existence has been hidden from Fannie. When she asks her financial manager about her aunt, something about his response is off-putting enough that she is determined to go searching for her. She convinces Hannah, the faithful family servant, to accompany her on a steamboat up the Missouri River to Fort Benton, Montana, where the last year was sent from over a year ago. On the steamboat, she meets a young man, named Samuel Beck, who bought his passage by working as a freighter whose is searching for his own missing family member. But sailing up the Missouri is never easy and the land beyond is even rougher.

So it goes the Christian historical romance, A Most Unsuitable Match, by Stephanie Grace Whitson. And as far as that genre goes, it's a worthwhile read. It's entertaining, wholesome, a little sappy, but generally heart-warming. The twists are somewhat predictable, but the characters are loveable enough to make you care about what happens to them. My favorite character is Patrick, a little blind boy who is alarmingly perceptive and calls people on their bluffs. And it had settings that I love--give me a good river story and I'm happy. A fictitious version of Concordia Seminary even makes a cameo appearance. (No, I don't think Whitson is Lutheran.)

I received a copy of A Most Unsuitable Match from the Bethany House Book Reviewers program. The opinions on my own. :-)

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Nice review! I'm glad to see you got your first Bethany House Book. Free books to read? What more could a book loving girl want?