Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Generous Proportions

Rarely do I think of myself when I think of generosity. I wish I was more generous, but I always find fault. However, I have received much generosity. Wherever I end up I find myself among extremely generous people. And it's those people I wish to highlight today:

Thanks, Messiah, Clio. Six years ago, you kept my fiance/husband fed and social (both difficult things) during his long year of a vicarage. Then, you welcomed me with open arms each time I visited. Most recently, you welcomed us back for your 50th anniversary celebration. And once more you blessed us with your hospitality, warmth, and generosity.

Thanks, Zion, Cincinnati--the little church with the big heart. Your friendliness gave us a church home as we began our marriage. You provided Mike with a call (a big blessing that anyone who is synodically trained without one will understand). You constantly ask how you can support our ministry, together and separately.

Thanks, Lori, Sue and all the women of the Monday morning bible study. It was hard to start going. You all had your lives together and I was a newlywed hoping for plans that didn't work out. I didn't know where I'd fit and you welcomed me anyway. On top of that, you sent me home with lots of goodies and opened up your homes even more to weekly laundry visits. But it's not really the laundry; it's the friendship that spans decades which really shows your generous hearts.

Thanks to my law library. What started off as a part-time, most likely temporary position, has evolved to a full-time job going on its 5th year. You bless me with health insurance, income that helps Mike and I feel less like poor graduate students and more like real adults, tuition benefits for my LIS masters. While life in the library is not perfect, you support me in my current career and give me opportunity to find job satisfaction. It's not the vocation I would have chosen, but God blesses me with it every day.

Thanks to my Seward profs. I think of the think I spent in Jesse top taking up my profs time trying to figure out my life, and I'm grateful. Their generosity went above and beyond the duty of profs, and while I know it was freely given, I still stand it awe. They are the people who make me want to teach at the college level.

Thanks, Mom and Dad. You were and continue to be generous even from a distance. I worry that I was spoiled as a child--and as a college student, but their financial support gave me the opportunity to focus on my education (to have time to spend on Jesse top talking to profs). I remember falling into my first full-time job and calling up my dad to cancel my monthly allowance. They gave me the car which they had graciously let me borrow for 7 years as a wedding gift. I know I'm lucky, and I'm thankful that they supported me so Mike and I can be living a decent life now without the weight of credit card debt I would have accumulated without their help.

And I thank my husband, who probably doesn't think he's a generous person because he's always trying to get me to not spend money. :-) However, busy grad student that he is, he always finds time to respond to a gchat or talk to me when I come home. He generously does the dishes which I will always procrastinate on and responds kindly when I nitpick. He even finds space in our little budget for things like a MacBook when my battery case begins popping out of the bottom of my old one.

God has richly blessed me through all these generous people. It's because of them that I strive to be more generous not only with my money, but with my words and actions as well.

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Kristen said...

Well said, Bethany. There are so many generous people that God has placed in our life! I'm still touched by the generosity of Crown of Life...and I've been away from my "home" church for over a decade now! God has blessed us generously!