Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Reading Plan

My class reading is done. My library account is officially down to a handful of books. I finally may have some control over my "To Be Read" list.

But why would I want to leave it that way?

Therefore I present my summer reading plan:
  • James Bond--I've had some James Bond books that I borrowed from my dad...oh for four years. I was reading them out of order though so that really didn't work well. So this summer I will read the 14 books by Ian Fleming, starting with Casino Royale. Maybe for fun, I'll try to track down the movies too. (Though I said I was going to do this with the Bourne movies and never did...)
  • Harry Potter--I haven't read the series in a while. The last movie is coming out. Enough said!
  • Madeleine L'Engle--Another favorite author I have not spent enough time with recently. However, she has 60 publications to her name. This is what makes my reading plan ambitious.
  • Piligrimage and Liminal Spaces--In light of Almost Christian, I'm looking into this idea of transitions within the Christian life. I've borrowed 7ish books on pilgrimage and liminal spaces. This is the heavy reading of my summer.
Like last year I'm participating in my public library's summer reading program. For every 3 books I read, I get FABULOUS prizes. And they are actually FABULOUS prizes. The child, teen, and adult who read the most at each branch of the library win a Nook Color!!!


Colleen said...

Good list! Mine is starting out with "The Keep" by Jennifer Egan.

Kristen said...

Good list indeed! I'm up to 40 books read for this year...that's fun! I'm SO ready for summer and a chance to read more.