Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review Fail

I don't even know where I left off. :-( With the class reviews and everything, it complicated so here are the books I've read since Deus Ex Machina, which I'm sure I reviewed. Oh look that makes about 30 books I have not reviewed. So how about a happy face or a sad face depending my recommendation

:-| Live and Let Die (James Bond)5/23Fiction
:-( Camilla Dickinson (L’Engle) (This was re-released under the title Camilla later so we'll see how it compares.)

:-) And Both Were Young (L’Engle)5/19Fiction
:-) The Elephant in the Boardroom (for Church work types)
5/17Non-fiction (Church)
:-( Ilsa (L’Engle)--but it's really rare; the lib book I had is about $245. Very Southern Gothic which one doesn't associate with L'Engle.
:-) Casino Royale (James Bond)5/13Fiction
:-| Lies My Teachers Told Me--the kid from Deadline recommended it--yes I took a book rec from a fictional character
5/12Non-fiction History
:-| First Light (Thoene AD Chronicles) It's Christian historical fiction. A bit cheesy and hmm... convenient
:-) Jane (Jane Eyre retelling)--Mr Rochester is a rockstar!
:-) The Small Rain (L’Engle)4/30Fiction
:-) Absolutely Positively by Heather Webber <3 Cincy author
:-) Plain Kate by Erin Bow4/24YA-fantasy

:-) Demonglass (Next book out March 2012)4/24YA
:-) Twelfth Grade Kills (Chronicles of Vladimir Tod)4/23YA
:-) Eleventh Grade Burns (Chronicles of Vladimir Tod)4/21YA
:-| The Brave Escape of Edith Wharton4/19YA (Non-fiction)
:-) The Adoration of Jenna Fox4/18YA (LIS614)
:-( The Battle of Jericho--Draper4/17YA
:-( The Rise and Fall of Senator Joe McCarthy4/15YA (LIS614 Non-fiction)
:-| Young Adult Literature: From Romance to Realism--meh textbook for YA class
:-( Every Bone Tells a Story4/13YA (LIS614 Non-fiction)
:-) Toads and Diamonds4/11YA (LIS614)

:-) Deeply, Desperately (Lucy Valentine)4/9Mystery/Romance
:-( Fun Home4/9YA (LIS614 Graphic Novel)
:-) Curse as Dark as Gold4/8YA (LIS614)
:-) Matched (!!!!) Helps my Hunger Games TEABS
:-) Prudent Advice: Lesson for my Baby Daughter3/30Non-fiction
:-) Tenth Grade Bleeds (Chronicles of Vladimir Tod)3/30YA
:-) Delirium
3/29YA (Oliver)

So I have discovered I have a definite preference for the sci-fi and fantasy genres. YA non-fiction is not my bag, though I like it well enough at the adult level, but only if it's well-written. For instance, I liked what
Lies my Teacher Told Me had to say and learned a lot, but after awhile the author taught me so well that I could read his own bias in his book and got fed up with his self-righteous attitude.

Also you will see that I had begun my summer reading list before I posted it to the blog. Sorry I couldn't wait.


Kristen said...

Like the quick review system! Now, I really think you need to look into Amazon affiliates! :-)

brnh said...

So true... I wonder if I'd have to go through all my posts and change the links. :-)