Sunday, April 17, 2011

And in Other News...4/17

In a nod to friends and family who while they love my book reviews would like to know more about life in general, here's what's new in bullets:
  • Am now full-time. After four years of part-time bliss, I have returned to the land of the fully employed. It's bittersweet, but it allows me to stay in my Library Science program and take more classes at a time. (More work AND more school? Awesome.) I'm still working Mon-Thur evenings; I just come in earlier and I have a Sunday shift.
  • Mike's working on his dissertation proposal that will be submitted by the end of the quarter, but probably sooner. This means the verb "to dissertate" will soon be ever present in our vocabulary. Sadly spell-check refuses to acknowledge the existence of such a word.
  • I've learned APA citations require you to only capitalize the first word and proper nouns in titles. This goes against everything I've learned about capitalizing words in titles. I feel a need to return to 3rd/4th grammar. (This is why grammars important, kids! You must be able to rage against the citation style machine!)
  • I continue to read much YA literature. (Despite my speed review, I'm still at least 11 books behind.) But liminal spaces and pilgrimages are also vying for attention. Soon I can immerse myself in theology books!
  • Once I turn in my most recently finished library books, I will be under 10 checkouts for the first time since I started my YA class. I love my library, but I'm really excited about not having to manage several different due dates.
  • I am running. While the treadmill shows I can run for a good 30 minutes, that is not true in real life. Hills and actual body propelling are hard. I'm not sure I'm one who actually *enjoys* running, but it feels good to do something I thought I hated because I couldn't do it.
  • I continue to miss Lenten services due to my work schedule. I miss the opportunity to immerse myself in this season for remembrance and repentance. Fortunately, working in this evenings is only for a season of life as well.
  • In place of community worship for Lent, I've picked up (or worked at picking up a devotion habit). I'm working through a guide from A Little Book of Joy that was made available last Lent. I'm doing this in conjunction with a plan to Maximize My Mornings from It made my running plan work out a bit more smoothly, and next week I'll implement the planning stage. When I do it, I'm much more productive. When I don't... well I'm still in my pjs. :-) Anyway, the daily devotion habit is pretty awesome. It's been something that I've intended to do for awhile, but to see it actually happen is great.
So that's the story from Lake Woebegon... or the banks of the Ohio rather. Man, I still love the river.

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Kristen said...

Great updates, Bethany! I'm glad I got to hear about some of those in person this weekend. I'm with you on the organizing kick.