Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pride and Prejudice Continued

Jane Austen has long been a favorite of readers and as readers become writers their fandom expresses itself in new fiction about favorite characters. And thus we have Darcy and Fitzwilliam. I was walking through the library on my way to pick up Looking for Alaska, when I spotted this book and I couldn't NOT pick it up. In high school I read a lot of Austen fanfic (here actually), and therefore love the idea of Colonel Fitzwilliam getting more spotlight.

In this novel, we picked up after Darcy and Elizabeth's wedding. They are in typical newlywed bliss. Enter Fitzwilliam who tries to get Darcy to reconcile with Lady Catherine De Bourgh to no avail, at least yet. Fitzwilliam sees Darcy and Elizabeth in such bliss that he wonders if he too should settle down, but maybe he should take care of some of that PTSD first.

Meanwhile Elizabeth becomes pregnant. And Darcy begins to flip out because of course he lost his mother when Georgiana was born. Add to that some more conniving of Caroline Bingley. And you have their plot. All in all very satisfying even though I don't know why Elizabeth and Jane are so distance, especially when Bingley and Darcy were such good friends.

Fitzwilliam's story is a little more dramatic with an American widow who is in jeopardy of losing her son to her mother-in-law, and Fitzwilliam being very dense about why that would bother her. Ugh. It was annoying that Fitzwilliam could be so insightful in the Darcy/Lady Catherine problem but so oblivious in his own life. I suppose it's normally that way.

Regardless, it's another cute story--not destined to become a classic, but worth an afternoon. Fans will love the fiery Elizabeth scenes and be very glad Lydia only gets briefly mentioned. And it has a very lovely epilogue with Darcy and Fitzwilliam as old men. Fans will not be disappointed.

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