Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hold me Closer, Necromancer

This is so easy. Go read Hold me Closer, Necromancer right now. Just go. Come back and read my blog later. You won't be sorry...

Seriously, you're still here. Okay check out the book trailer:

(Seriously, people love it so much they make movies about it. Just read it!)


Okay. You still want a review. I love this book. Seriously, I'd marry it. If only for the fact that it makes you belt out Elton John every 5 minutes. (I really need to learn more words to that song.) I'm not even a big fan of "Tiny Dancer", but every time I sing "Hold me closer, necromaaaanser," I smile. A big goofy, everyone-is-looking-at-you-weird smile.

But the book is so much better than that. Sam and his buddies from the fast food restaurant, Ramone, Frank and Brooke, find out there is much more to Seattle than coffee shops and rain. For one there's this big evil dude Douglas Montgomery who wants Sam... well sometimes he wants Sam dead, sometimes he wants Sam to join him. He just keeps changing his mind and expects people to follow along--which they generally do because otherwise he'll kill you.

But why would Douglas Montgomery want Sam dead? Well it has to do with necromancy and secrets and binding spells. And Sam figures out why he's been a slacker all his life. I love it when people find out they're worth so much more than they thought.

So you've got suspense sponsored by a creepy, creepy, big, bad dude. You've got heartwarming finding your place in this world. But you've ALSO got super cool and hilarious sidekicks. There's Ramone as you heard in the book trailer. There's Brooke, who I would tell you much more about, but it's such a good reveal I don't want to spoil it. There's Brid who is like the coolest werewolf ever. She could kick Jacob Black's butt any day. And Ashley who runs errands in the netherworld in exchange for waffles and other favors, but gives you plenty of snark for free. :-)

But here's the highest compliment I can paid this book. Lish McBride does for necromancy what Joss Whedon did for vampires. Seriously awesome.

So please go read this book. Sing a couple rounds of "Hold me closer, necromancer" when no one's in earshot. And sigh in relief when you hear there's supposed to be a sequel in 2012. I love these characters too much to give them up after one book.

For those keeping score, this is one of my 2 self-chosen fantasy books. It's a 2011 Michael Printz honor book.

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