Friday, June 25, 2010

Wedding Present

Wow so this blog post is overdue, but now at least I know I'm not spoiling any surprises.

Mike's roommate from college and Sem, Nate, got married over Memorial Day weekend. Mike was in the wedding. It "required" a trip down to Florida. I was sad. (No, not at all.) However, it did require a present. A good present. Now I'm all about the registry. I like getting people things they want and will use. But I like to make gift packets out the registry. All sorts of things for baking or whatnot. Anyway scrolling through scrolling through. And not finding gift packets that will fit in carry-on suitcases. (To which my incredibly practical husband says, "We can just ship it." But then we can't wrap it. I love wrapping gifts. LOVE wrapping gifts.) Finally I land on these napkin rings. In our price range, but no napkins. Napkins and napkin rings would make a lovely LITTLE gift packet.

Suddenly I'm struck with the idea that I could make napkins. Easy peasy. A beginning sewing project... So what that it's 10 days before the wedding and that we leave in 8. (And that I'm taking a class, and working and blah blah blah.) So I go thrifting. AND I find the sweetest embroidered curtains. (I think they were originally from Kmart so no points for vintage or anything, but...) They were exactly what I wanted.

So I go home. Cut. Miraculously end up with twelve napkins (a couple were a little small, but that's what I needed). And started sewing. I sewed at home. I sewed while I dog-sit Mary and Pippin (oh yeah dachshunds named for hobbits). I ironed. And I ironed. Seriously 12 napkins. That's a lot of edges. (Fortunately Martha Stewart had one edge sewn for me.)

Then they were done. And they were pretty, but they weren't finished. So I took the two prettiest ones, and I monogrammed them. First time I figured out a monogram and it worked. See!
So yay! Fun, crafty, from the registry, wedding gifts! Congratulations Nate and Jacqui!

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