Friday, June 18, 2010

Heat Wave! A Nikki Heat Novel

I'm pretty sure this post puts me firmly into the kitschy gauche stack of novel readers, but I was super excited to discover that Heat Wave, a completely fictional novel (i.e. it shouldn't exist because the author who wrote it is a fictional character in and of himself), is a real life novel. It comes out of the ABC show Castle which is about a murder mystery writer, Richard Castle, who tags along with a homicide detective to research for his new series. In the middle of the second season, Heat Wave is released (Oct. 19, 2009 according to Wikipedia) and evidently in November 2009, ABC released a hard copy version for fans. As Mike and I were perusing a bookstore for our anniversary (yeah, that's how we role), I discovered it. And yes, while it is a cheap ploy by ABC to milk fans for money, it's also that amazing paradox of fiction creating reality that fascinates me in Jasper Fforde novel. While I can't justify the actual purchase of this novel,* I can justify getting in from my local public library. So that will be part of my weekend reading. Also on tap, finishing M is for Malice (restarting my run through the Kinsey Millhone series) and Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan.

*It's only 198 pages; maybe Mary Higgins Clark can write that succinctly, but I can't imagine an author who doesn't even get a real by-line doing this well.

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