Monday, June 21, 2010

Amish Friendship Fail

A friend passed along one of her loaves of Amish Friendship Bread and Mike loved it. So I asked for a starter. Listen. Don't ask for a starter, just don't. It's not an easy way to get into baking. It's... well here's the story.

I asked, I received. I mush the bag. While mushing the bag, I realize Day 10 when I'm supposed to bake this bread, I'm out of town. Like way out of town, on a plane. No baking of starter will happen. Panicked email. 'It's okay just mush it and bake it when you can.' Sigh.

Return from trip. Mush bag. I'll bake on Tuesday. Nope! Wednesday. Nope! (In all fairness that way our anniversary.) Thursday. Nope! Friday... uh no? Saturday? I'm still mushing... So today I bite the bullet. This thing must get baked. I start following the directions. My friend leaves written instructions that she usually makes a double batch. Now a double batch is four loaves. I have no earthly clue how we'd eat four loaves in 10 days, but I follow the recipe. I don't like causing trouble. However, I take a half cup of start and put it in a quart bag, along with a cup of starter in case it doesn't really work like that, and I pitch the excess. (I may be a glutton for repetitive punishment, but that doesn't mean I share.)

Continuing on, I realize that while I might have batter for four loaves. I only have one loaf pan. The bread takes an hour to cook. I resign myself to "making a double batch" and pitching half. Sigh. Continue through the recipe. Run out of white flour and sub the last cup with whole wheat flour. Sigh.

Bake bread.

Take bread out of the oven and it amazingly looks like Amish Friendship Bread. Yay! Let cool. Dump. Lose half the loaf due to non-greased pan incident.

Sigh. Start filling the second batch. Realize the next batch was the last batch. I used double starter, single recipe. Fail. Decide to test the first loaf. Blech!
Threw everything out. Declared it an epic fail. Will try again in 10 days. Hope springs eternal.


alaina said...

i feel your pain...

today i baked my first "artisan bread in five minutes a day"

despite my ability to mess up all the directions, it still turned out well.

Chris Schmidt said...

Peanut! I didn't know you liked baking, that's fantastic. I always throw together a beer bread to make myself feel better after messing up dough. I haven't tried this one, but I hear good things.