Friday, June 4, 2010

48Hr Book Challenge Log Day I

8:00 AM Posted Starting Blog

8:03 AM Linked to MotherReader's Starting Blog

8:05 AM Started to finish Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. (Left over from the Florida vacation weekend. I packed my well-used paperback copy to get sand and surf on while leaving my hardcover collector's edition at home.) (25 min.)

8:30 AM Finished HP1. Blog review. (+20 min.=45 min.)

8:50 AM Begin to finish Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian. (+1:40= 2:25)

10:30 AM Finished PJ5. Blog review. (+25 min.=2:45)

10:55 AM Farmville break!

11:15 AM Begin Watership Down. (+1:00=3:45)

12:15 PM Lunch... and phone calls I've been putting off. Oh but the DreamDinners' Outlaw Chicken Sliders--GOOOD!!

1:00 PM Back into the action. (+1:00=4:45)

2:oo PM Break...

2:15 PM Back at it... the scary utopian warren (+:55= 5:40)

3:05 PM Break...

3:30 PM Back to bunnies. (+1:05=6:45)

4:35 PM Farmville break! Though I'm not sure I'm able to harvest bunnies anymore after Holly and Bluebell's story.

4:40 PM Liar, liar, pants on fire. Ghost Chili isn't ripe for another half hour at least. READ! (+:25=7:10)

5:05 PM Farmville and email reading... Okay so Watership Down... lovely, but not as engrossing as Percy Jackson.

5:40 PM Back into the deep. Will Hazel's hubris get the best of him? There's still 200 pages left so I guess there has to be some conflict. (+:45=7:55)

6:25 PM Stop reading to implement impromptu plans. Shower the quickest ever. Plans canceled. Well at least I got dressed today :-)

6:35 PM Finished Part 2. Yay!!! Halfway. Hazel leading a mission to Efrafa. Sidenote: having a very hard time seeing "does" and not reading it as a verb. Evidently we could sing "Doe, a rabbit, a female rabbit." (+:35=8:30)

7:10 PM Blog reading break (not 48hbc'ers so I can't count it--but I hate having a full google reader)

7:25 PM More Watership Down... attempting to finish Part 3 tonight (+1:30-:15 talking to my hubby=9 hrs. 45 min.)

9:05 PM Finished Part 3 into Part 4 (because authors always stop at tense spots). But I think I'm done for the night. Will update for bedtime reading...

10:45 PM Bedtime reading (+:30=10:15)


Maw Books said...

I loved your farmville breaks! Keep up the awesome job.

onlymuttix said...

Great job so far! I'm also using this time to read books I've started previously and left unfinished.

Madigan McGillicuddy said...

Great job! Keep on reading! I'm amazed to see that you've posted so many reviews already! I'm saving mine up for later.
I like your Farmville breaks too. Does that sound as "social media time"? :P Not unless you're farming bookishly, I guess. :P

brnh said...

Thanks everyone!

Sadly Farmville doesn't count as social media time. Maybe if I only helped out the farmvillers doing the 48hbc... Oh well. I did wise up and plant longer crops finally.

I'm glad other people are finishing up books too. I'd really hate to get through 48 hrs of reading only to have more books-in-progress.