Sunday, June 6, 2010

48Hr Book Challenge Log Day II

I'm fronting my grand total for easier reference:

23 Hours and 13 Minutes

Day I Log found here. First day reading total: 10 hrs. 15 min.

7:30 AM Put on glasses, get a Diet Coke, begin reading. (Who doesn't enjoy days like this?) (+1:00=11:15)

8:30 AM Watership Down finished. Reviewing... (+:25=11:40)

8:55 AM Break

9:00 AM Kinfolks by Gurney Norman (+1:05=12:45)

10:05 AM Review (+:15=13:00)

10:20 AM Break for farmville and probably taking my LIS quiz...

11:10 AM After scoring 9 out of 10 on my quiz (Darn Dewey!) I return to begin Divine Right's Trip by Gurney Norman. (+2:00=15:00!)

1:10 PM Lunch Break... internet break...

1:40 PM Internet dies... must go back to reading (+:50=15:50)

2:30 PM Email break... used the gender roles in Watership Down as an example in my email response--Score!

2:45 PM Gotta get back to Uncle Emmit (+:45=16:35)

3:30 PM Reviewing Divine Right's Trip (+:30=17:05)

4:00 PM Next up Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (+:40=17:45)

4:40 PM Whoops! Farmville time... seriously should have planted 2 day crops for this

5:05 PM All right. 2 day plants planted (to allow me time to get my life in shape for the next week after the 48 hr book challenge ends) returning to Harry Potter. (+2:30-:20=19:55)

7:35 PM Finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Seriously those first three books go so fast... Although I should dock myself several minutes for the time spent trying to read while my husband was finding out about the Library of Congress lending and collection policies. Yes, that is how we roll on a Saturday night.) Starting the book review now. (+:23=20:18)

7:58 PM Book review finished. Breaking as I determine which book to read next. And the verdict is....

8:05 PM Anna Karenina. Yep, my most challenging book is going to be my last book of the challenge. Will I finish 800 pages in the next 12 hours? That would actually be kind of awesome. (+2:35=22:53)

10:40 PM Yeah staying up all night to read Russian literature is so not going to happen. Finished Part I (a little over 100 pages). A few more might get into this book challenge before 8:30 AM, but for now I'm calling it a night.

8:00 AM-8:20 AM A little bit more Anna. Well I've started Part II, but we have to leave the house by 8:30 so that will have to be it. (+:20=23 hours 13 minutes)


Lisa said...

o.o how do you keep score of that?

Mystee said...

WOW you do way better at tracking than me. But I was so lazy over the weekend. I just pretty much sat and read...boy do I need to clean my house. lol

Shelley said...

I attempted Russian Lit for the 24-hour readathon and the going was slow! It sounds like you accomplished a lot!

Lydia said...

That's some impressive tracking there!

MotherReader said...

Great job! Thanks for playing!