Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Must Learn to KNIT

I came across some lovely geeky goodness that will probably force my hand over to the world of knitting. You'll have to click through because my library science class has made me feel very guilty about copyright. BUT once you get there you'll see Doctor Who scarves!!!

I started watching Doctor Who on youtube (gosh how's that for copyright violations--Sorry BBC!) about two years ago and I'm hooked. I loved David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor (and as Hamlet--swoon! BBC put Doctor Who on PBS like you did with Hamlet) two years ago, and I'm pretty in love with Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. However, those are the recent doctors and while I think there's some rumor that Matt Smith is going to do scarves, Tom Baker (aka the Fourth Doctor) is really THE doctor associated with scarves--massively long scarves. And that's what's recreated at Witty Little Knitter.

So yes, buy needles. Use spare yarn to learn to knit. Buy yarn. (I'll probably start with the Vanna yarn because it will be cheaper--while I'm fanatically, I'm not rich.) Knit the Season 14 scarf (which is probably the only that has a chance of being worn).

PS Today was a really cute skirt outfit day, but I didn't get a chance to photograph it. (It was also a really lousy allergy day.) But it must be documented for the blog soon. SO glad I did SADA. I definitely know how to work my skirts into my rotations more.