Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Work Wear

I work evenings at a law school library. This statement has some profound implications on my life. For instances, this my alarm went off at 7:30, but I didn't get out of bed until 9. For an hour and a half I read The Happiness Project* (a seriously good recommendation--excellent reading for someone in the midst of a month-long resolution). It is an indulgence, but more like the indulgence of people who read for an hour before going to bed.

The other implication for better or for worse is that I can get away with wearing jeans to work. "Get away with" is probably the best phrasing for while I have excellent justifications for doing so (reducing wardrobe changes during the day, more casual atmosphere during the evening), I'd seriously up my credibility by dressing business casual like my day-time counterparts do. However, my other justification is that they give me t-shirts to wear to work, and these t-shirts go best with jeans. So today you're getting an example of probably my least dress-y work wear:
A light-weight cardigan will probably be added to the ensemble, but I couldn't make myself put it on outside without air conditioning. Also, especially in the work context, I very rarely wear the t-shirts without some sort of blazer or sweater to smarten them up. Also note to self: stop smirking for the camera.

For those keeping score, last evening I traded my tank top for a banana yellow work polo and sneaks for orange flats. Probably about as dressy as I'll get. Though I wonder what the yellow polo with my black dressy skirt and wedges would look like... There will be a couple times this month that I'm going into work during the day so maybe I'll try it out.

Finally, I'm kind of in love with this background. Very urban chic and it's all right under my feet.
It's true. Anything can look beautiful when properly cropped. However, climbing that slope--not easy, especially in a skirt.

*FYI that link is to Rubin's website, but I was reading the book.

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Michael Hanel said...

what happened to skirt a day???