Friday, April 2, 2010

Skirting the Issue

Alright so here's day two:

Magenta tank top; Ikea skirt (I made it here); This is the first time I tried the skirt with a color other than navy. I think it works with the little pink flowers in the design. (Probably just like the navy worked with the little blue flowers, but I feel gutsier with the magenta.) Anyway today was a challenge because it really was a great day for putzing--I took Mike to school and met him for lunch. It would have been so easy to put jeans on with that tank and call it a day. We'll see what turn I take for Good Friday. This is a bit springy.

So here's the skirt collection:

Dressier skirts: Black double-vented pencil skirt, Silver-blue silk Ralph Lauren skirt (SO PRETTY!), and a pinstripe skirt from my one suit set. The silk skirt will make an appearance for Easter this Sunday. The first black skirt might be my Good Friday choice, but otherwise I don't expect these to make much of an appearance this month. Of course I may have to work in the silk skirt again. I don't wear enough to match my love for it. :-)

Set Two consists of the basic skirts: two pairs of brown cords (the first is supposed to be replacing the second); a flirty white full skirt--perfect for summer (this was my first choice for today); a khaki skirt; and a lovely new-to-me jean skirt. Seriously without this recent acquisition I don't think I'd make it through this month.

Set Three: Printed skirts (mostly in motifs of blue--specifically aqua). Um... a lovely NY and Co. skirt from several years ago that first convinced me that I liked skirts. My newly made skirt (Amy Butler skirt btw). The Ikea skirt. And another hand-made skirt not by me, but by my pattern friend.

So that makes twelve skirts. The fabrics for the two patterns would also be blue of the aqua-persuasion. So that would make 7 out of the 14 skirts in blue... (I might have a problem.) Alright so we'll see how I can add some (other) color into the wardrobe. :-)

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I love the hair cut!