Thursday, April 1, 2010

Skirt-a-Day April

Way back in 2009, I blogged every day in April. It was part of the effort put forth by Maureen Johnson to encourage young writers and develop community blah blah blah. Basically it kind of burned me out and here I sit 20 posts in the past 11 months, 2 since August.

But it's April and it's beautiful. And I've been sewing. Again. After another terribly long hiatus from something I love to do. And yesterday I finished a project:
It's a pattern I borrowed from a friend, and it has pockets(!) because as she professes skirts without pockets are useless. So even though the pockets were actually much harder than I'd anticipated (need to discuss that with friend), I have a lovely cute skirt, with pockets that are useful. And I wore said skirt to the library and to work and while cleaning my living room and thought, "Maybe I should wear skirts more." Which was promptly followed by "But I don't have enough skirts."

This, my friends, is a flat out lie. I used to not have enough skirts. I have been collecting which the intention of being that person who always has cute skirts. Now I'm pretty sure I have a skirt for every day of the week, plus patterns and fabric for two more. So I have enough skirts. I just normally wear jeans. ALL THE TIME. Because they're convenient and go with everything and so so so easy. So here's my goal:

Wear a skirt every day in April.

It needs to be an outfit that will get me through most of my day. There might be days that require other attire for parts of the day which is fine, but I should plan for a change. Most importantly even the putzing around the house days need to be skirted. If E from academichic can make skirts the basis of her "Mom Uniform" that includes being on the floor with a baby, I'm pretty sure I can wear skirts more casually without the kid factor.

Tomorrow if I get my act together I'll post the other skirts that will make up this challenge. ;-) Hopefully this will go better than the "blogging the books I read" resolution from January.


Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Cute! I love your skirt a day idea. Hopefully the weather will stay warm!

brnh said...

Thanks, Alli! I didn't even think about the cold factor. Blocking out winter! Ha!