Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening Day

As many of my friends' facebook statuses proclaim, it's opening day for baseball. While I consider myself an extremely "fairweather" fan--i.e. I like going to games for the several hours one can spend in the nice warm sunshine and cheer for whoever does a good thing or needs cheering or, you know, whatever. However, I did realize late last week that the Cincinnati Reds were playing my beloved St. Louis Cardinals for their opening series, and I was mildly devastated to realize that any chance of me seeing that game was out of the question. So while I won't be downtown for the parade or anything else baseball related, I can pull out my Reds *ahem* Cardinal red in solidarity for those celebrating.

On deck (literally) is my favorite red t-shirt (which says "Lutheran Superstar" on the back, but it was hard enough to get these self-timer shots), my khaki skirt, my Dorothy shoes and a cream cardigan. Originally paired with my white flouncy skirt, I found the shirt and flounce too much at odds. The khaki transitions nicely between the very cas tshirt and the polish brought by the cardi and shoes. Overall I'm pretty happy with my opening day outfit. However, I think I'll be even happier when I define my waist with a belt. :-)

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alaina said...

look at you sassafras!
i love your project. i have too many other running projects to take up a clothes and fashion one, too, but believe me, I would if I could. LOVE IT!