Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Librarian Image

Oh the fun of post-dating blog posts. The skirt project has been happening (mostly) just without pictures (mostly). Results of a bad photoshoot coupled with cooler temps sparked two days of jeans rebellion. And you know it's my skirt month I can make up those rules. :-) Sunday, I wore a skirt to church and then changed and did go out in jeans in the evening. Monday, I returned to my skirt-wearing ways, but sans picture because Mondays start early and end late.

Tuesday, I finally got my act together:
This outfit is nothing spectacular really, except that it's exactly how I see myself as a librarian. Lots of classic elements: the cardigan, the skirt, the flats, the tucked-in shirt!!!* But the shirt is irreverent (Unshelved classic: Frequently Asked Questions), the skirt is jean, and the cardigan is fun-colored. I feel pulled together, but not dowdy and not likely I'm pretending to fulfill some sort of prescribed image. While it's not completely on trend, it's me.

More importantly as someone who really never thought she'd be a librarian and yet finds herself enrolled in a Library Science program, I've been navigating through how I see myself as a professional in a library-environment. I'm not the shusher. I'm not the children's librarian. I'm not the hipster who knows all the great local music (as the library becomes a sub-genre of the coffee shop--oh that's a horrible thought). I am an academic who delights in finding places for the really big words I've read in everyday life--not to prove that I know what they mean and others don't, but to show some harmony in this mental life and, you know, the real world. And actually that's where I'm going to stop--this outfit does the same thing for me.

*I NEVER tuck in shirts--it makes me feel short-waisted. But I've found my more structured skirts really benefit from using my natural proportions as opposed to faking a longer torso with dropped waists.

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alaina said...

you crack me up.

i love that you are wearing skirts and tucking shirts and becoming a librarian.

your version of librarian is very you.

llooovvveeee it.