Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's Call it a Quarterly Review

April hasn't been all about the skirts. Otherwise, there'd probably be more blogging. Taking pictures of yourself everyday is hard! I have a post in the queue, but I need to, you know, finish writing it.

Earlier this month had a stack of books about 2 ft high all waiting to be read. (Any good library Science major will tell you that the average book is an inch thick. You do the math.) Normally this is no big deal, I have a lot of books I want to read and I usually get through them all eventually. But this stack was populated with a lot of library books. Not just any old library books that have due dates and can normally be renewed; several of these books where ones I had been waiting for on holds lists for months. Not reading them in the time allotted was not an option. I might never see them again. Anyway, now that stack is down to two. Whew! All that worry for nothing. Except that the three books I just checked out from the library aren't in that stack...

However, the decimation of the stack has prompted me to review my book list. As of today, April 21st, I have read 26 books in 2010. Last year on April 22nd, I hit 30 books. Not too bad. Especially considering one of those books is Vanity Fair (no not the magazine), the classic 699-page English novel by William Makepeace Thakeray (I really just like his middle name) subtitled "Novel without a Hero". I've been working on this my first classic novel of the year since January 15th. However, it is the only classic work I've read even though my resolutions should have me at at least 5.

Also no Theology books have been read. Lots of contemporary Christian non-fiction, that could almost count by letter of the law, but not really in spirit. I've read 8 non-fiction books so far, 5 of those of a spiritual persuasion. Favorites: Looking for God in Harry Potter to give to all those people who think Harry Potter should be banned due to its satanic influence, The Happiness Project one of the books I've been waiting for since November, and Real Sex, a cohesive argument for abstinence in a Christian context that doesn't seek to vilify sex when you're single and then expect you to flip a switch once you've gotten married.

The rest of the list is populated with YA and Crime/Thriller novels. I'm still a die-hard advocate for Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. It's been so helpful in keeping my Greek myths straight. And I also just read Scarlett Fever by one of my favorite twitterers Maureen Johnson. On the Crime/Thriller side, I attempted an adult novel by Rick Riordan (who wrote Percy Jackson)--not so good. And I need to get back into the Kinsey Millhone books since I stopped at L in January.

Favorite author, Jasper Fforde, released Shades of Grey at the end of 2009. And I finally got my hands on it in March. While this book took me forever to get through, it was an exercise in trusting the author to pull it all together because 2/3 of the way through things just caught and went and I couldn't put it down until the last page. So glad this is going to be a series. Even though Thursday Next holds a much tighter hold on my heart. Such a brilliantly creative author.

So not a review of all 26 books, but those are the ones I'm most glad to have read. I have at least one more book that should be finished today even (class text--totally counts because over 16 weeks I did read all of it). And then there are more due dates approaching. :-)

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Kristen said...

I love it! I'm at 31 for 2010 - including the entire Princess Diaries Series, after you completed it. My most recent favorite book is First Things First by Kurt and Brenda Warner. I'm getting ready to start Three Cups of Tea. We'll have to compare book notes again soon!