Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jeans Day

Alright so we hit the 3rd of April, and I'm ready to put on jeans. It's Saturday. I have errands to run. Es ist windig. (Hey, it's the German I know.) It's not the time to be flouncing around with skirts. So out comes the jean skirt.

It did get me through my errands and the other parts of my day. Though I claimed pajama time early. It's all good tomorrow there's a sunrise service so it pays to be ready for bed early.

PS I understand why bloggers become interested in photography. Bad pictures suck. I was so frustrated I just decided to go blurry and blame the wind (indoors).

In other news, the blue-print charmeuse skirt was the Good Friday skirt of choice. Paired with a black-knit tee and grey wedges, it worked perfectly for the somber service. Another overexposed shot here:

1 comment:

hannah said...

Man it must be super windy in your apartment.

Might I suggest investing in leggings? It makes the wind more tolerable whilst wearing a skirt :)

i bought some from target to wear with my cute $6.50 express dress that I got while thrifting the other day.