Wednesday, June 3, 2009

By the Numbers

I'm a little fascinated with numbers today. Here are the big ones that caught my attention.

Alaina tweeted about her addiction to blog reading which required me to pull up my blogging stats. It's not good folks. I subscribe to 128 feeds. Today I've read 188 posts. I'm only slightly assuaged by the fact that I've started subscribing to the Daily Dish a news blogger who some how manages to be both more liberal and more conservative than me, but always makes me think. Google Reader tells me that it puts out 42.7 posts a day. Fortunately I skip over about 40%, but today I've been bored and scrolled through more. There's a lot of scrolling. Still it's a bit scary. I'm going away for the weekend and I might leave my laptop behind (also scary). But we'll see because the last time I went on a trip I said I was going to leave my laptop behind and managed to stash it in my bag at the last minute. (WiFi is EVERYWHERE and it's so easy to bring along...)

The other stat that I'm very pleased with is my Books Read count which numbers 43. Last year, when I started counting in July, I read 49 books in those six months. It looks like I'm about on track despite my slow months. The Bourne Trilogy is done. I'm loving the Percy Jackson books. I'm cruising through the Stephanie Plum series. I still have Crime and Punishment and War and Peace on the yet to be counted list along with Gone with the Wind (an impulse start when it was the closest book to the bed). Maybe I'll take one of those with me in addition to the next Plum novel.

Anyway, both of those numbers have to do with reading when what I really need to be doing is writing and sewing. Sigh. Such is my life.

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Megs said...

The Plum books are HYSTERICAL. Enjoy!