Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Best of Bootie

Since I posted the Buffy/Edward mashup yesterday, I thought I'd share my other current fav in the world of mashups, Best of Bootie. Today I can't get the mashup of Fergie's London Bridge and Cake's Short Skirt/Long Jacket. These songs have become my go to playlist for cardio workouts and anytime I just want a smile on my face. I mean seriously who can't appreciate a mashup of Big Shot/Big Pimpin' or The Safety Dance/This New Bootie or Beethoven's 5th/Golddigger. Oh my goodness, some of the tracks are just inspired, others are songs that I always confuse and think they should be the same anyway. And really, I think that's just how songs travel. Maybe I have songs playing through my head more than most, and I do claim a high level of rapid associations, but songs never get finished when I sing them. They always morph into a song I like just as much or better or worse. (Ha! That's all the options there.) So the fact that a dj has done the same already just validifies my screwy thought process. :-) Anyway, check them out.

I do have to say that though they claim the "bootleg" title, these are as transformational to me as the Buffy/Twilight clip so I think they pass copyright restrictions. Maybe it's because they tend to use the whole song, but even then it's just specific track layers... Anyway, it's grey area in copyright land so use your best discretion.

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