Friday, May 1, 2009

Shoes! (Rainboots part 2)

Today I was singing to my husband about shoes (because he's going on a trip and was thinking about which shoes he would need). It's a song that I listened to endlessly as a child and it goes like this:

Play shoes, day shoes, walking in the hay shoes
On our feet of clay * so fine;
Work shoes, work shoes, working in the dirt...

At which point I exclaim, "I have 'working in the dirt shoes'!"
Have I ever told you that little things make me happy over and over and over again?

Oh another rain-boots story. I was walking home from UC on Tuesday. The rain had mostly stopped, but I need to stop by the library to drop off some books. As I was walking down the street, bopping along to my ipod, I passed a gentleman who promptly said, "Hey Baby! Those are some nice yellow boots!" I said, "Thank you," and continued walking. I don't get called baby often... I'll let you interpret my reaction as you wish.

*It strikes me now that those might not actually be the words. Hmm...


Alli said...

Haha, I've never heard that song!

I never, ever get more comments from strangers than when I'm wearing my rain boots. They are definitely conversation starters.

MissouriGirl said...

1. Play shoes, day shoes,
walkin' in the hay shoes,
On our feet of clay shoes,
Fittin' so fine.
Work shoes, work shoes,
walkin' in the dirt shoes,
Savin' from the hurt shoes,
yours and mine.

Refrain: All God's people,
wearin' all their fine shoes,
Lookin' so proud,
Praise our Father,
Thank him for his good gifts,
Thank him out loud.

2. Two shoes, new shoes,
Splashin' in the dew shoes,
Given just to you shoes,
Given by God.
Bless shoes, dress shoes,
Never look a mess shoes,
Jesus we confess shoes,
Glory to God. Refrain

3. Dove shoes, love shoes,
Fittin' like a glove shoes,
Coming from above shoes
Every day.
White shoes, bright shoes,
Walkin' in the light shoes,
Future lookin' bright shoes,
Have a good day. Refrain

Written in 1981 by Jay Musfeldt

Good memory! It was published in the pink Singing Saints Songbook in 1990 and was also on an LEA Early Childhood tape I loved. We listed to it a lot - and may have sung it once in Cherub Choir!