Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weekend Update Mar 27-29: The Belated Edition

First off: One of my favorite young adult authors, Maureen Johnson, has by defaulted started of movement called BEDA, Blog Every Day in April. Because I am not above peer pressure, especially peer pressure from people I don't really know in real life, (Seriously how did I make it through adolescence without getting into serious trouble???) I will be blogging every day in April, or until I get tired of it.

So Happy April Fools Day! And on with our regularly scheduled program...

The Weekend that Was: Seems very far away. I'm going to have to work backwards. Sunday I talked to Mom and Lindsey, baked cookies with my KitchenAid Standing Mixer (AWESOME!!), went to Coco Keys waterpark as a church outing, and did the Sunday morning church thing (but I didn't have to lead Bible study--YES!!!). Saturday--night I went karaoking with some of the young adults from church. I really don't know how Barracuda goes, but we rocked Genie in a Bottle. Before that I watched the total demise of my NCAA bracket, before that I went to a seminar on Christianity and the Competition by this Lutheran pastor/professor Paul Maier, whom usually I love, but this time I realized there's a huge generation gap between me and this 70 year old man. His rhetoric is not the rhetoric needed in today's world. Friday we went out to dinner and a movie with Sue and her husband Don. Last Chance Harvey was really cute and inspiring for a person who doesn't know where life is going next and the tuna was excellent. Friday day I rocked my errands having only a net loss of $1 due to selling books at Half Price Books and gift cards.

Where I Am at the Moment: Sitting on my couch enjoying open windows.

On My To-Do List: Still need to finish the chairs. Get my apartment organized. Listen to Typical Mac User Podcasts and learn how to use my Mac more efficiently. Implement "Getting Things Done." Figure out next steps. Lunch with Kristina, visit Lindsey, lunch with Kristen, Rockband with Natalie. Pick up Mike from the airport.

Procrastinating About: Getting the apartment organized. :-( But I'm really feeling the urge to Spring clean.

Books I'm Reading: Finished The Bourne Identity. Now I'm reading What Color is my Parachute? It doesn't have a colored parachute personality test though. That makes me sad...

Music I Can't Shake: Back to Legally Blonde the Musical and Better Than Ezra

Next Place I'm Going: To Seymour on Friday!

How I'm Feeling about the Week: Well it's half over. But I really hope things will get a bit less busy soon.

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