Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Update Apr 3-5

The Weekend that Was: It was social. Mike was gone for five days so I spent a lot of time trying to ignore that fact. I visited Lindsey in Seymour and played with make-up and watched Twilight while drinking the Vampire wine Alli mentioned for her Twilight night. (Very good btw and seriously just in the nick of time.) Saturday I drove back to Cincy to have lunch with my cousin who will be getting married this summer and leaving the city. We've been savoring these last few get-togethers. Then I went home, ostensibly to get some of the projects I've been ignoring while I've been being social, but I hung out online and took a little nap instead. Then I went to another friend's house to play Rockband. I am awesome at the vocals. My guitar and drums still need work. Sunday was church and Bible class and then picking up Mike from the airport. I'm so glad he's home, and I can feel comfortable in our apartment again. I never thought I'd be one of those people, but I so totally am at least for this stage in our relationship.

Where I Am at the Moment: On my couch surrounded by projects.

On My To-Do List: Finish chairs! Blog every day! (6 days in a row, not too shabby.) Write stuff not for blogs. ;-) Schedule a hair cut. And let's totally be honest, I want to be at level 35 on Sorority Life by next week.

Procrastinating About: Nothing in particular. But this week is Kitchen week in the Flylady routines and I would really like to clean my oven like I've been meaning to do for months now.

Books I'm Reading: The Bourne Supremacy.

Music I Can't Shake: "Chillin' out, Maxin', Relaxin', All cool"... mostly because I REALLY want this tshirt.

Next Place I'm Going: Hmm good question.

How I'm Feeling about the Week: Really hoping that I can go back to being productive.

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