Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Update Apr 17-19

The Weekend That Was: Friday--More wait list news, this time from UC. Frustration and distraction ensue leading to the fact that I don't change out of my pjs until about 3pm. Bridal showers for some of my wonderful 2nd cousins who are getting married this summer. Silly me--I don't realize that this meant lots of family whose names I should have brushed up on before the event. Sorry, it's a different branch of the tree; I caught up pretty quickly Debut of the IKEA skirt. Rave reviews. (PS thanks for your compliments!) Saturday--Church meetings in the morning lead me to believe its actually Sunday, relief when I realize my weekend was not inexplicably short. Saturday afternoon at Mt. Storm Park reading in the beautiful Spring weather. Saturday evening watch my first UFC fight--real purpose to keep friend company by playing trivia at BW3s while a boyfriend watches the fight. Sunday--the real Sunday--church and Bible class, Bride and Prejudice, long nap, plan Bible study for the next day.

Where I Am at the Moment: At Sue's. Home, Sweet Home-away-from-home.

On My To-Do List: Blog, mail Emily's present, figure out where my life is going (sadly I think this will remain on my to-do list until June...)

Procrastinating About: Things that I'm not willing to put on my to-do list...

Books I'm Reading: Still reading The Bourne Supremacy. Read The Great Emergence about the next big change in Christianity (happening now).

Music I Can't Shake: Currently I have "Let it Rock" going through my head, but I have no clue when I last heard it. (NPR is currently on in my car.)

Next Place I'm Going: St. Louis!!! Woo hoo!

How I'm Feeling about the Week: Eh. It will be better once it gets started...

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