Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weather Woes

Oh Cincinnati!* Your mornings are sunny and beautiful if a bit cloudy. You promise a crisp, cool day befitting the early Spring I hold so dear. I treasure the brisk walk while making sure I carry an umbrella to ward off whatever those clouds may hold. Yes, there a bursts of light sprinkles. Yes, that wind can nip. But you are delightful...

That is, until I have no possibility of cover. Then the sky holds nothing but clouds. Those clouds hold rain, hard rain, and hail. Hail! I ask you, Cincinnati, is this how you treat one of your most ardent fans? Hail and strong wind that not only blows precipitation under my umbrella but also flips my umbrella inside out.

Seriously. I am not pleased. The only benefit is that now I have an excuse to curl up, drink tea, and finish my book.

*Fill in your own city as appropriate.

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Colleen said...

Hi Bethany! I wanted to come check out your blog! Great writing. Have you thought about using Follower? It's a nice way to keep track of your blog followers. I'll be stopping back on a regular basis now!