Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two More Days until I don't have to blog daily...

Not that it hasn't been fun. It's just been a commitment. And now for "Bits of Randomness":

Rural King (as in the store) is now following me on Twitter. I think it must be from my blog, which is amazingly tech saavy of them. Go Rural King. That prompted me to find the nearest Rural King to me. Sadly I think the nearest one is Columbus, IN. Something to add to my Seymour trips, I guess.

I've just finished my first Ohio District Youth Ministry Team thing. I've participated in phone interviews of new youth team members. I'm not sure that I blogged about this before (I did it was in an update), but the same week all my grad school applications were due, my application for the Ohio District Youth Ministry Team was due as well. The YMT is a group of adults and juniors and seniors in high school who plan and lead the district-wide youth gatherings for junior high and senior high youth groups. I was involved in a similar group in high school for the Missouri District and loved it. So I'm super-excited to be involved with this team as an adult. I interviewed at the Junior High Gathering in March and will participate in my first meeting in June. I love helping people become leaders. And it's kind of nice to hang out with people who don't know what the next several years will look like for them.

It's Wednesday--Anti-procrastination day at and I'm procrastinating. But fortunately I am not procrastinating writing my blog, and I did not procrastinate exercising (like I have for the whole of April). I did procrastinate any hint of a morning routine until 11am and I am currently procrastinating my weekly home blessing which is super easy in our small apartment. I just don't wanna. Whine. I think if I can get it done in the next half hour I can watch Castle... Bribery, even self-bribery often works wonders. Oh wait, not bribery--it's a reward. Semantics are such fun.

Randomness complete...

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