Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time flies

Do you ever feel like you've lost a month? I decided to look back on the books I've read in 2009 today. So I opened my book list in Google Docs, and the first thing I noticed was that I hadn't opened the document since March 14th. And then more alarming, I hadn't finished a book in nearly a month (30 days)! I was logging the couple books that I did recently finish so that helped calm me a bit. But it doesn't take me a month to read a book?!? It shouldn't take me a month to read a political thriller. It's a beach book for crying out loud!

So I thought back through the month, hoping that I had overlooked some aspect of book reading that had slipped my mind. Then I remembered my weekend updates that list the books I'm reading or had read! Certainly something was in those posts that I have just forgotten. Uh... nope. Nada. No finished books.

So what happened? Well, I eschewed academic reading. War and Peace languishes on my bedside table. The University of Google has returned to its spot on the shelf under my coffee table. As the prospects of doing graduate work waned, those books seemed to mock me with every page. My self confidence can only take so much. (Plus Tolstoy killed off my favorite character.) I feel myself coming out of that funk a bit. I'm cautiously ready to figure out what intellectual pursuit looks like outside the realm of university life, or on the fringes of it, as my case may be. I want to read Hebrew again. I want get through my BBC list. I want to wrap my brain around big thoughts. Kind of. Like I said I'm getting there.

What else happened? Well, the stole, the table, the chairs which are still not finished. Particularly the table and chairs project seems never ending. I know I just have a bit more to go, but really. I'm getting tired of stepping over a drop cloth. AND this morning I discovered that my bare feet had been picking up dried paint from the drop cloth and depositing it on the hardwood floors!!! Aak!

What else has happened? Very social weekends. A recommitment to Flylady routines. Several different bible studies. Lots and lots of blog reading... Yeah. I do keep trying to add things into my day and there's only so much time a day can hold. The month hasn't been empty by any stretch of the imagination, but it hasn't yielded many read books. It makes me sad, because I love reading. But I just I've got to get a new yard stick to measure productivity.


nate said...

i find your post very interesting. perhaps because i've noticed a book black hole of my own. not sure if this is because my mind is so engaged during the day that i want to "snack" on things that are less mentally taxing such as sportscenter. even my google reader is growing like a tumor. after about 5 min of skimming i'm done.

what's with reading?

brnh said...

I have very few issues with my reader. Almost everything gets read or marked as read every day. The notable exception--my Bible blog, whoops!

But book reading and even longer blog post reading takes a lot of effort and concentration. And that's not what most of our tasks train us to do.