Thursday, April 2, 2009

T&C: Step 3 Chairs

Chairs are intricate, pesky things. They have all sorts of tops, sides and bottoms that they'd love for you to forget about until you realize at an inopportune moment (like right after you've cleaned your brushes) that there's just one more section to do. Also white paint... not cool. I thought red was supposed to be the hard color to paint or black. But no, these chairs take three coats to lose their streakiness and start looking decent. They might even technically need four, but I just can't do it. :-( However, the result is phenomenal.
I actually applied the aqua with a flat watercolor brush for a bit more control. I still had several places to touch up, but most of that was underneath the lip and thus technically unnoticeable. I still cleaned it up though. ;-) I'm really digging the brown, white, aqua layering. I kind of wish I had made it pink so I can be reminded of neapolitan ice cream every time I pass by our dining table. Not really. I LOVE, love, love the aqua.

I have silver paint and just barely started the grooves on the table. It totally needs another coat or three. I'm not quite sure what I'll do with the silver on the chairs. My hand isn't incredible steady so I have to figure how to deal with that. Currently I just need to finish up the chairs so I can remove the dropcloth that's been in our dining room/entrance way for 10 days...


Jordan said...

I like the chair with the aqua painted on it there. It was very interesting to read about the intricacies of chairs. I am enlightened!

brnh said...

Jordan's my first commenter from BEDA. Thanks for stopping by!