Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rural King has Rain-boots!

So yesterday was fun, right? I thought using just nouns would be a nice little challenge for my weekend update. So except for "in", "the" and "of" I managed to use just nouns. Mike however argues that titles like CHI contain adjectives and thus should not be considered nouns, but I maintain the whole makes a noun. I will concede that "Boo!" is more of an interjection than a noun. Describing how you feel about a week without adjectives is hard! Might need to find a different format, because obviously I'm getting bored with it.

One of my fun things of the weekend was visiting this store called "Rural King" with my mom. See, we were visiting my brother who lives at a Lutheran Camp near a small town in Illinois and so they have fun things like home and farm stores. And Mom LOVES these kinds of stores. Okay... I enjoy them too. They have little baby turkeys! What's not to love? Maybe the fact that those turkeys are being raised for food. Sad.

Anyway, Mom and I had a great time. We have the same overly dramatic reactions to cool/funny/crazy/Why didn't I know I NEED that RIGHT NOW!!! things. One of those things was a pair of rain boots. Technically I think they were muck boots. But I've been needing a good of rain boots for walking in Cincinnati so they work as rain boots. However, Rural King didn't just have one pair of muck/rain boots. Oh no! This is a home and farm store. They had 6 different styles of muck/rain boots from the very practical black to pretty pink stripes to a blue cow pattern to this:

Yes, I am the proud owner of Honey Bee rain boots. And guess what? It's raining today (see the drops on the deck) and I have to walk up to UC. Yay!


Alli said...

So cute! You are going to LOVE your boots. Yay for dry feet on a rainy day!

MissouriGirl said...

I love those boots! Cute and practical!

Kiki said...

I love your rainboots!! I was having a bit of a hard time finding my own unique pair till a local Vancouver boutique started selling them online, which obviously made them a lot more accessible! Lucky for you she ships worldwide!! Hope you like them!