Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pre-Travel Crafting

Another late night post. Sigh. However, the wait is worth it--I promise. May I present Carmen the Garmin.*For my birthday, Mike gave me a GPS navigation system. I've used it to get to work. Find my way home. Go places I've never gone by popping the address in the Carman and just trusting it to get me there. But until now, I've had no way to protect my Garmin.

But tonight instead of packing or planning or whatever else, I watched Slumdog Millionaire.

But after that I turned on Grey's Anatomy and made up this cover. Simple pouchy design without the sides sewn up. Secured with a couple velcro buttons. These velcro buttons are amazing, they just stick where you want them to go. And you can sewing them down if you want (though it totally gunks up your needle), but you don't have to. Thus far I've decided not to sew these. I can change my mind if there's any sign of peeling. I put one on the back of the Garmin to help keep it in the pouch.
Overall very easy, and I love the polka-dotted flannel lining!

*Note: The spelling of Carman varies based on which voice I'm using. Carmen if it's a woman's voice in honor of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? It is Carman if it's a male voice as in car-man. (Horrible pun I know...)

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