Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Tradition--The 10 Commandments

When Mike and I were dating, I invited him to our house for Easter and asked if he had any Easter traditions, knowing that my holidays are made easier when we do my traditions even without my family nearby. He said, "Yes, I always watch The 10 Commandments on Easter afternoon."

... Uh, right. Not, you know, Jesus Christ Superstar? Or some other Easter-like story? Nope, The 10 Commandments it is. And so for the past 6 years, every Easter Sunday afternoon we've sat down for 4 hours and watched Moses grow, development of a morality, discovery of the God with no name, and his return to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. It's easier now that I bought Mike the 50th anniversary DVD. Granted I normally sleep through the 2nd hour of the movie. I might sleep through this 3rd hour. (Sunrise service was very early this morning.) But I love having this little tradition with Mike that will hopefully grow into more traditions through our relationship.

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