Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cincy Spring

"Spring has sprung" here in Cincy. We've had several beautiful days in the 60s; nice rain storms at night, and pollen counts are climbing. One new way I found to observe the signs of Spring is to watch people's facebook statuses and count the number of people mowing lawns or celebrating the warm weather.
But just today I open the blinds to our deck to catch a bit of the lovely sun peaking out from the clouds and noticed a new sign of Spring. All over Cincinnati, Bradford Pear trees and Magonolia trees are blooming while all our normal trees are very dull. But this little berry-ish tree grows right up to the height of our deck and I never noticed how beautiful its hot pink blossoms are. I wonder where I was last year that I don't remember this.
This little tree also is the main thing that attracts squirrels to our deck. So I'll have to remember these gorgeous blossoms the next time I'm mourning the lost of herbs or pumpkins.

Happy Spring everyone!

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