Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blogging Every Day?? Really??

Okay so here's the problem with blogging everyday. I run out of ideas. I'd really like to not blog today, but I might let Maureen Johnson down. Do I know Maureen Johnson? Am I sure that she will come to Cincinnati and berate me for not blogging every day? Well no, she lives in New York, and there are over 400 people participating in BEDA so I'm quite confident I could slide under the radar and just skip today. But I've always been a very conscientious person and just because I probably won't get caught doesn't mean I can slack off. I would know.

Ooh but I know! I have potential posts in mind just none that are ready to be published! Coming up this week on The Dimly Seen:
  • Our Easter Tradition
  • The Return of the Sewing Machine (aka My First Adventure with Clothing--Ooh!)
  • The Dimly Seen Guide to TV You Should Clearly Watch
  • Weekend Update (obviously)
  • Missed Anniversaries
Okay yeah, that's it. I'm going to either go out in this BEAUTIFUL weather right now or return to my sewing machine.

Hope you all are having a blessed Easter weekend!

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