Thursday, April 16, 2009

Before and After: Flylady Style

My husband and I share an office--desks on opposite walls, but since he really prefers a desktop and absolute silence and I prefer a laptop, a couch, and tv/music, I do a lot of computer-related office-y things in the living room. That is to say those things happen in between blog-reading, youtube-watching, facebook-stalking, and tweeting... or maybe those ARE the office-y things that happen. Anyway, the result is that my desk becomes more of a place to put things that don't really belong in the Living Room but that I pulled out while I lived my life there or to represent it photographically:
Let's see fabric stash under the desk, old purse that never got cleaning out, sewing stuff, Kirsten and her accoutrements, mail, filing, mail, a sewing machine I can't get to oh and an easter outfit of the chair. Sigh. Big mess. Big time commitment. So I tackle it Flylady style--15 minutes work, 5 minutes play (accomplished by setting my laptop up on Mike's desk). 15 minutes results in progress but a blurry photo I have already discarded. Twenty minutes after that, this is the result:
A little bit of filing later and I do my office-y thing on my laptop at my desk. Yay!!! Several days later I still have a desktop, but my fabric stash is a little messy from figuring out various projects. So though I have never sent Flylady a testimonial, I am a huge fan of the 15 minute way of cutting through projects you really don't like to do. That coupled with the maintenance guy (who came in to look at a leaking ceiling!) complimenting my bathtub which had just been cleaned because it's Bathroom week in Flylady land really makes me appreciate the very purple website and slightly excessive emails.

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