Thursday, April 30, 2009

30 Days of Blogging--Getting Things Done

It's a beautiful Thursday outside. Rain this morning has turned into an afternoon of sunshine. My husband would complain it's too humid, but it's still cool enough to be comfortable with a bit of breeze--natural or machine-made.

I'm inside. Watching. Puttering. We've made friends with a dove* who likes to sit right where we crack open our bedroom window. He came to the deck today so it's nice to know he's flexible. At least, I assume it's the same one. I suppose there could be more than one dove flying around Cincinnati. And no, I haven't fed him yet. I want to, but I DON'T want to encourage the squirrel.

Anyway, with this puttering has come much distraction. Bopping from email to facebook to Getting Things Done to remember things I HAVE TO GET DONE to losing things. It's been nearly frenetic--except in a very relaxed, "right I don't really have deadlines" sort of way. It's been a day where I've done a lot of things and still feel like I haven't gotten things done--kind of like how it was sort of raining and then not and then...

So in summary, my day has been much like this blog. I very much wish that I had something important and awe-inspiring to say, but I do not. Just the randomness of my life, which is very nice, but a bit anti-climactic to mark the end of BEDA. Alas, good thing this blog isn't ending. ;-) As it is, my plan moving forward is to continue posting more regularly (roughly 4 times a week), but probably not on weekends and to use the publish in the future option as necessary to alleviate some of the urgency. I think it's a good habit and a worthy one especially since I do see a future for myself in professional-ish blogging, just not any time soon.

Thanks for sticking with me these 30 days!

*Dove is so much nicer than pigeon.

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MissouriGirl said...

BRNH, this may be the month of the dove. One sat on the ledge outside my office window last week - the first dove ever.