Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Update: Mar 6-8

The Weekend that Was: Friday I went to the Main Library in Cincinnati. It's one of the countries busiest libraries. I have to say it was an experience for this suburban mouse. But I got a really great crocheting book, but I have to wait until I can justify the yarn expense. Sigh. Saturday I got up early-ish finished a purse (yeah it was a bit random) and drove to Indy to see my cousin play Club volleyball. She was amazing. I don't know where my cousins got all their athletic ability. I certainly didn't inherit any of it. Then I went to the Ohio District Youth Gathering and met with the Youth Ministry Team. After the high schoolers looked me over, I was unanimously voted on to their team. Yay! Then I saw Lost and Found (yay!) and reintroduced myself to Michael because he and George stayed at my house when I was little. Dad had them led music at Vacation Bible School a couple years in a row when I was like 7. Sunday I led a bible study that I prepared at 11pm the night before. (Yuck.) Then church and a nap and more bible study prep and the Devil Wears Prada and etching.

Where I Am at the Moment: At work but not for long! Yay for Spring Break--even if I don't really get a break.

On My To-Do List: Yeah, that stole... Cleaning, War and Peace, not freaking out about the fact that application decisions will be made very soon.

Procrastinating About: Gosh that stole. Why can I sit down and make a purse, but not an easy peasy purple lenten stole.

Books I'm Reading: I read Breaking Dawn this week. Currently I'm still in the middle of War and Peace (Pierre just became a Mason.) and The University of Google (serious must read for anyone teaching college level). Oh and I'm trying to get through Crime and Punishment via book on cd...

Music I Can't Shake: Positive from Legally Blonde: The Musical.

Next Place I'm Going: Home in time to catch most of Dancing with the Stars!

How I'm Feeling about the Week: Generally positive.

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Jamie Lynn said...

That. Is. A. FABULOUS. song.

(though possibly inappropriate to have listend to at work with my pastor literally 10 feet away. C'est la vie.)