Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Update Mar 13-15

The Weekend that Was: Friday was spent working on Mike's stole and going to a friend's deployment party. I love those people. Saturday was spent finishing the stole, watching the Dollhouse (OMG soo good!), and going to a girl's night to watch 27 dresses. Sunday was spent at church, still watching Dollhouse (OMG still sooo good!), an interview with a friend, and tv watching with Mike. The grad school count is no fellowship, HUC wait list (yes, again), no word yet from UC.

Where I Am at the Moment: I don't know.

On My To-Do List: Make to do list?

Procrastinating About: Not the stole. :-D

Books I'm Reading: Same old Same Old.

Music I Can't Shake: All American Rejects--Gives you Hell. You can tell my mood based on whether I like the song or hate it. Funny story--woman in my bible study and I were talking about music, said her daughter sings this song ALL the TIME and she'd much prefer her to listen to something without the word "hell" in it. I sympathize. Then I hear the song and fall in love. Generation gap...

Next Place I'm Going: Totally need a shopping trip.

How I'm Feeling about the Week: Kind of stunned disbelief that this week is going to happen...

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