Sunday, March 22, 2009

T&C: Step 2

The table is painted. Two coats over two days in a two step process. (The table was painted most easily by painting the bottom twice then flipping it over to get a nice clean finish on the top.) I am totally in love with this color. I'm looking at all our furniture and picturing it in "Aqua Spray"--which is not quite robin's egg blue I know. But I LOVE aqua!!! I know I should expand outside my palate of aqua and chocolate, but man, aqua makes me so happy and eating chocolate makes me so happy. Sigh. At least it still goes with the red just lovely.
The great thing is that now that everything including the leaves have a nice coat of paint, I can actually leave the table a functional size without worrying about tablecloths (which I don't really own). Ugh seriously I'm in love with that color! It even makes my Hebrew Alphabet placemats look retro chic. (Remind me to take a picture of the Hebrew Alphabet placemats. So cute!!!)

Finally this project would be arduous if not for a very special friend. Meet Scrappy:
Okay so I just named him in order to talk about my favorite paintbrush in the world on this blog. (And Mike is trying to rename him Stumpy. :-( This does not bode well for future naming projects...) I got it when I was painting the trim in my first apartment. I'll be honest. I just thought it was cute, but this thing is practical too! The handle is made of rubber so it doesn't rub like other paint brushes do. The little to non-existent handle a) fits my hand, b) doesn't get in the way when I need to switch grips, c) doesn't poke me in the eye when I'm getting super close to detail work, and d) enables me to get into crevices I couldn't touch with a regular paint brush. The last one I discovered today as I was painting the chairs. Scrappy is a workhorse of a paintbrush and very lovable. I'd highly recommend others like him for any detail work you need to do.

Chairs are being painted as we speak. Okay they're drying as I type. They're white, and I think that's okay. I don't love the white like I love the aqua, but really how could I considering how much I love the aqua? It should provide a good leaping off point. I called my brother yesterday with the brilliant idea of adding two grooves to the chairs to mimic the grooves of the table to make them more set-like. He liked it, but he's rock climbing today and wouldn't detour to Cincy to help me make straight lines. And I'm not willing to ruin my chairs for the idea. So I still need to figure out where the silver accents will go. Maybe I'll do fake grooves with the paint since the grooves on the table as getting the silver treatment. Good idea or bad idea? We'll see.

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