Friday, March 20, 2009

T&C: Step 1

I have commenced. Sanding. Whew! that's a nasty job. I feel like my shower this morning was a little worthless. I have this little dremel tool that was supposed to make short work of the grooves, but it decided to not like its rechargable batteries. Sigh. Sandpaper works too I guess. But oh for my dad's work bench and his belt sander.

While I was sanding I was debating the merits of taking apart the table. The legs are attached with one bolt each and so it breaks down into four legs and the table top. It's a wonderful moving around a lot table. It looks like the table put together when it was stained, but I really don't want to fix those joints together. Plus I think I'll get a better finish if I paint the sides and lip of the table first and save the wonderfully easy tabletop paint for last. Yep, writing it out here definitely solidifies the taking apart step. It just takes longer. Also I forgot to sand the expansion leaves. Okay that's on the list too.

Anyway, my meta-dialogue while I was sanding and debating was reminiscing about our porch swing at home. Every year for about 5 years, I'd come home from school sometimes just for a couple weeks before I was off again, sometimes the whole summer, but during that time I'd have a project to get done. Our porch swing stays out all year so that whenever it's nice enough any family member can enjoy the weather and swing. But that means it really takes a beating with the rain, snow, freezing, and thawing. So it needs a new coat (or two) of polyurethane every year. This job became know as "polying the porch swing". It was not a job taken out of benevolence. I was really scared off splinters in painful places. The easiest way to complete the project was to let it hang where it was and work around the chains, but there was at least one summer I set it up on sawhorses. It was time consuming work--sanding all the slats, balancing over the wet swing, lying under the swing avoiding drops (I identify with da Vinci). Lots of radio in the background. The week before I was getting married it was Greek tapes for our upcoming honeymoon (ochi, kyrie). All in all, it was one of my favorite parts of the summer.

One year though, something happened and I was pressed for time and my brother got in trouble for digging a hole--long story, but funny. So Mom and Dad were looking for a punishment that would benefit the family. I suggested the porch swing. My brother, being the earnest and repentant child that he was (and still is) took apart all the slats which required finding a square screwdriver and sanded and polyed each piece individually. That, my friends, is dedication. So as I was debating the relative merits of painting the table in one piece or separating the pieces out, I was remembering my brother and that obsessive, compulsive behavior does run in our family.

Back to work...

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