Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stole Number 3

Whew! It feels good to cross this one off my "to do" list. Seriously, I was not feeling this stole. I think it might have something to do with my ambivalence to purple. You see there are lots of purples that I like, but none that really felt stole appropriate. I ended up with this "linen-like" cotton fabric which is very nice to touch and well it works. I was also really wrestling with the design. This stole should work for Lent--Christ crucified--and Advent--Christ triumphant. But as much as I realize that those ideas are connect theologically, it's not an easy concept to display symbolically. Here I went with a crown of thorns (or a ring of sausage according to Mike) and a crown crown. Then those weren't big enough so I added crosses, because well, because.
I used this heat 'n' bond method that came with the stole kit I got for the ordination stole. And while yes, it is gold lamé and totally feels like cheating, I could get used to it. Once I actually read and followed the directions, the implementing of the design was easy peasy. Twenty minutes tops compared to days of working on the white stole. The real crown of thorns design was more vine-y which I nixed because the lamé was fraying like crazy. (This is before I read the directions.) But cutting out designs with the heat 'n' bond is like cutting paper except you have even more precision and control. It was amazing. Anyway, I might play around with the heat and bond and embroidery. I'm not totally convinced that this stuff won't peel up so outlining might be a good idea anyway. Anyway it is finished. ;-) And not a moment too soon.

Updated to correct my malapropism of thrones for thorns.

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