Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Screen Saver Fun

So Mike and I have a lot of books. It's nearly a job requirement for us despite the fact that Flylady would say most of them are clutter. Several years ago we discovered LibraryThing, a website where you can catalog your books (even give them Library of Congress call numbers--sweet!). That Christmas we bought each other lifetime memberships and a cuecat barcode scanner. We proceded to scan all of our books. Mike, being just slightly more Type A than I am, did this with a bit more success. Plus we discovered that mass market paperback books evidently all have the same barcode so you have to enter those by typing in titles. Guess who has more mass market paperbacks of this couple. (Hint: I have a whole bookcase devoted to them.) Anyway, I think Mike has kept up a bit better scanning in new books as he gets them. Me? I sometimes remember but I'm usually too busy reading them. :-) I have tagged all the books in my collection though...

Anyway the point of this blog. So what I have done to keep up with LibraryThing is subscribed to their blog and they've worked out a way with Mac OS X to set up a screen saver of that flips through your LibraryThing catalog. Awesome! I set it up and the result was too funny. Here's a sample:
We have The Lucky Guide to Shopping, Trading Spaces: Behind the Scenes, Meet the Austins as representative of my Madeleine L'Engle collection, a book on the Nicene Creed, a book on Joshua, the epic of Gilgamesh, a children's bible story books, Pilgram's Progress, The History of the English Language (go King Alfred!), Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, a book on C.S. Lewis... Harry Potter's buried down there somewhere. A smidge of a Dan Brown novel is peeking out. I'm feeling affirmed in the randomness of my library collection. But if you have a lot of books, I really recommend LibraryThing. Used regularly it can keep track of things like books you've lent out (using the tagging field). It provides word clouds. It facilitates book swaps. It's a fun site.


timmynums said...

EXCUSE ME, I bought you the cuecat barcode scanner. harrumph.

brnh said...

Whoops! Forgot about that. Sorry, brother. :-(