Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Tid-bits

It's been a weird couple of weeks. I can point to specifically wonderful things about them and to specifically bad things about them. Lots of thoughts have been running through my head, but nothing coherent enough to warrant its own blog post.
  • It's Anti-Procrastination day in the FLYlady realm. So today, finally, after way too many months, I made dentist appointments. Yay!
  • In light of my academic news (and non-news), I'm officially boycotting War and Peace, Crime and Punishment, and The University of Google. I still like all of those books, but currently they represent a world that's not treating me nicely. Instead I'm reading The Bourne Identity and laughing at Robert Ludlum's attempts at romance.
  • Totally moving ahead on the table and chairs project. Paint should be bought tomorrow or Friday I think. I'm going with the robin's egg blue table with silver in the decorative ridges and silver chairs maybe with a reverse of the blue. I have to play with that idea to see how it really turns out. I'll definitely be posting pictures. Knowing how "focused" I've been on projects recently, I know this could take awhile. But we use our table a lot so hopefully that's motivation to keep it moving.
  • I watched the Dollhouse this weekend. OMG! Joss Whedon fans will love it because it's Joss and Faith and just wonderful. Anyone who like Alias has to like this spin on the various roles of a spy. (Not that Echo is a spy--unless she's hired to be one, but she has to put together the upper structures of her organization like Syndey did with the handicap that they erase her memory at the end of each show. Oh and so in that it's slightly reminiscent of Men in Black. Let me see you just bounce it with me. Just bounce it with me.) has most of the episodes. I think the pilot is going away really soon so go watch now. But otherwise it's on Fox at 9 eastern.
  • I'm also in the middle of watching Rome, Doctor Who, and Friends in their various seasons. See? Scatterbrained!
  • I really really want to sew clothes, but I'm scared (and I'll need my table to dry properly before I can start those projects). However, I have several yards of unsuitable clothing fabric (loud colors and such) so I think I just have to start making muslins. I cannot keep printing off patterns from Burda Style.
  • Oh also in sewing news, I don't know how many of you had American Girl Dolls when you were little, but I found a source for dress patterns for the five original ones. I think Kirsten might get new clothes before I do... Also did you know they're retiring Samatha? I'm so sad. I was a Kirsten girl because she's Scandanavian like my grandmother who first found the books for me, but I always wished I could have Samatha's clothes. So pretty. Oh and technically they are American Heritage Dolls now. I feel old.
Okay so that's about what I've been wanting to disperse to my blog world.

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Alli said...

Retiring Samantha!? I was a Felicity girl, myself, but I can still appreciate Samantha. I had the Felicity dress patterns as a kid - the real clothes were a bit pricey, so my mom made me her own versions. I LOVED those dolls. Now I feel old, too.