Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Help me decide!!!

Hey all you color, matchy people! I need help deciding what to do with our dining room "set". Really, it's IKEA chairs in pine and a table (probably oak) that's older than I am. (It was our kitchen table when I was a kid.) They don't match, and it's really starting to bug me. Here's what the set looks like right now:
So I'm not incredibly tied to "showing the beauty of the wood". Actually I really don't want to try to strip that table to get the honey gold color that I prefer in wood. However, that decision opens up a whole new can of color worms. And whatever the colors are they need to complement both our everyday set of dishes and our china. The chair cushions and placements can always be switched out.

Everyday dishes:
My first instinct is white, but it seems so predictable. My second instict is like a robin's egg blue kind of in the view of this color palate by Soulemama. But I'm not sure exactly how that would look against the brown of the couch. And when I lay out the china, it might be too blue. However, with the blue, I could do a like silver leaf detail in the grooves of the table to highlight that particular design on the legs. After that, my choices kind of explode. I've never done like a bright sunny yellow before. I hear mint is making a comeback. In addition, there's no rule that the table and chairs have to be the same color so I could go totally crazy! And that's why I need your help. Leave a comment about what you think is best. And I'll let you know what I decide and show you the results once they happen. :-)


Alli said...

I love the idea of Robin's Egg Blue - I think it goes gorgeously with brown, plus it would look great with your everyday dishes and china. I think I would do the chairs a different color, but something more neutral - maybe white or a silvery grey to compliment the colors in your china?

PS - finished New Moon, on to Eclipse!

alaina said...

Bethany, I have an oak table and mismatched chairs. I've left the table oak and painted the chairs all different colors. i think leaving the table as is could be totally okay (because who knows, someday you might feel differently about wood and then you'll either have to strip the paint or buy a whole new table... chairs are more easily/cheaply replaced). I like robin's egg blue, but there are also good dusty teals out there that would go with red and white and silver and brown. that's my two cents... again coming from someone that thinks multi-colored is an acceptable palate. :)

brnh said...

Yeah, I hear ya about leaving the table wood for a later time, but the problem is (not mentioned above) that the table is the thing that really needs the help. It lived in a pre-school classroom for several years and has marks that I just can't remove. :-( But I may have to check out dusty teal too...

Megs said...

My immediate thought was black - which would be beautiful with the silver leaf detail that you mentioned - but then that depends on how you feel about black and brown being beside each other. i really dig the robin's egg or the dusty teal as well though. Definitely post pics when you decide and paint!