Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekend Update Jan 30-Feb 1

The Weekend That Was: It started off with some imposed boredom. We were supposed to make our debut on the pastoral family circuit, but iffy roads and lots of weekend plans led us to cancel. (BEST DECISION EVER!) I drank wine to celebrate the end of apply to various things. Saturday I finished Mike's stole (pictures to follow) and watched too much Grey's Anatomy. Sunday I did not plan my bible study for Monday until 11pm. Instead I did other things, including of course going to a Superbowl party.

Where I am at the moment: Mentally I'm wishing I was sleeping instead of typing, but too many thoughts of things are keeping me awake. Physically I'm where I always blog--on my couch.

On my To Do List: Get back into Flylady. Random shopping excursions I haven't been able to do because they technically counted as procrastination. Getting a haircut.

Procrastinating about: Sleeping? No real deadlines are approaching. It's heavenly.

Book I am in the midst of: Princess Diaries 9 *hangs head in shame* Seriously Princess Mia has to be so dumb. She should know JP is dating her and not just being really nice to her because he broke up with her best friend and she broke up with her best friend's brother. Also Absalom, Absalom but it does not produce as strong of feelings. (What's wrong with that statement?)

Attention Grabbing Music: Gettin' Jiggy wit it! Will Smith; I got his greatest hits. Yay!'

Next trip: Shopping trip?

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