Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Update Feb 6-Feb 8

The Weekend that Was: Nothing too huge. It was a catch up weekend. I went into stores I've been meaning to check out. I caught up with my friend Kristina and with Mike's fam. I caught up on cleaning--yay for clean coat closets and weddings presents I finally found useful!

Where I Am at the Moment: Philosophically I'm in limbo. And I've never been too convinced that limbo is a great place to be. I'm pretty sure I'm stressed out, but the only real evidence of it is my skin which will not stop breaking out.

On My To-Do List: Haircut on Tuesday. Kristina says to go wild--we'll see. Otherwise, getting into a workout routine. Remembering to eat. More flylady routines. Oh oh oh! Have a good birthday (next Sunday--yay!).

Procrastinating About: I really really want to be intentionally creative. Like if this is the time where I'm waiting to find out if I get into Ph.D. programs or if I find out I should do something else, it's the time I really should take some chances, right?

Book I'm Reading: Oh well I started Absalom, Absalom... I also read Wicked Lovely (YA faeries) and Queen of Babble (chick lit) this week. I think my goal is to finish Absalom Absalom, finish Crime and Punishment (oh yeah that was a blog series long, long ago when the sun warmed the earth and pools were open--sigh I miss summer).

Music I Can't Shake: Anything that has a really great beat and doesn't stress me out. Will Smith is really high on the list--still gettin' jiggy wit it. Also I'm so glad Beyonce's Single Ladies is on repeat on every single top 40 radio station. And I've finally gotten the Grey's Anatomy theme song out of my head... okay now it's there again. Darn.

Next Place I'm Going: Work? Aveda Frederick's Institute for a haircut? I really, really want to go some place where I can wear a swimsuit and get sun. But no, no trips planned for over 30 minutes of driving.


nate said...

jacqui works for aveda. and i live in a place with sun. you can come down here and kill two birds with one stone: a haircut from an aveda pro and time in the sun.


brnh said...

Hey I'm the one trying to get you an assistant pastor in the form of one Michael H. Hanel. I'm not the one that needs convincing. :-)