Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Update Feb 20-22

The Weekend that Was: Friday--Hostessing to the mostessing: we had a couple from church over for lemon-baked chicken with a mascarpone cheese sauce/dressing and Red Velvet cake kisses (pictures to follow). That ended with enough time to show up fashionably late (but bearing the rest of the delicious kisses) at Allison and Joe's Game Night. Bagels with Kristina Saturday morning followed by lunch with Kristen (and more of the red velvet kisses). And an afternoon/evening spent reading, etching and watching Rome and Center Stage (so alike are the plots). Sunday was church, a budgeting session with Mike (yuck), and a light dinner with delicious desserts to plan out the last bit of the Consecrated Stewards program (I mostly was just there for the food).

Where I Am at the Moment: At Sue's house doing laundry.

On My To-Do List: Spending birthday money, make Mike's stole (yeah that was on last week's To-Do list), plant my lenten plant (Narcissus Paperwhites), plan a deployment party.

Procrastinating About: The deployment party--theoretically it should be a big gathering and I've never planned one of those before (okay the wedding). But I've let it go kind of free-form and now I'm not sure that was the best idea for my inner control freak.

Books I'm Reading: Little Women and War and Peace, but I'm getting a little tired of being so erudite so Queen of Babble Meets the Big City is next on the list.

Music I Can't Shake: Nothing too particular. I've been letting my ipod shuffle at will.

Next Place I'm Going: To work I guess. I should plan a Seymour trip.

How I'm Feeling about the Week: Not as stressed as last week, but I think it's because I'm ignoring things that would make me stressed.

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