Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Slow Reader Ahead

I've always been a fast reader. The faster, the better. In Adolescent Literature class, we learned that adolescents judge whether to read a book based on font size, page numbers and white space. And that was certainly a consideration. Though I did get a thrill when I could read small print very fast. Even now I kind of get excited when a picture or chapter ending increases my pages/minute. (Yes I do keep track... and I race myself.)

But I started Absalom, Absalom and it was S-L-O-O-O-W. And now I'm reading War and Peace, and I'm not making my 250 pages a day to finish it by the end of the week. I'm doing better than the 50 pages a day my husband thought was the max a person could read. But still, it took me 2 hours to read 70 pages. That's no where near my page a minute average reading speed.

I think my system is corrupt. It really shouldn't be about speed. I know that. And I'm starting to develop a theory: Good literature takes time. I'm not totally willing to say that Absalom, Absalom is the best book ever because it's taking me FOREVER to read it, but I am willing to say that War and Peace makes me think. I have to take time to read carefully so I understand where the battles are going and understand the significance of little actions. I can read Twilight in an afternoon because it's light and fluffy and every single word doesn't add to the quality of the book. (Though New Moon with the 5 pages of blank in the middle is GREAT for reading speeds.) Even last semester, when I was reading with a time in mind (a must to get everything read for class), I wanted to let my mind wander and muse over these concepts. So that's my new mantra: Good literature takes time. It probably won't cure my speed demon ways, but it might keep me from freaking out when it takes an hour to read 15 pages.

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